Transformation & Consulting

Transformation & Consulting

GFPO>> offers comprehensive suite of process transformation services engineered for cost optimization, business growth and enhancement of customer experience. Our Consulting practice comes with experience in diverse industries which enables bench marking & implementation of best practices for our clients.

Business Re-engineering and Transformation Services

GFPO>> has focus on outcome oriented approach supported by a robust transformation framework. We work with our clients to move appropriate operations off-shore/near-shore or keep them on-shore and optimize their operating models. Our transition services processes of our clients from current state to future state by blending people, process, and technology aspects in a balanced manner.

GFPO>> offers best in class business re-engineering services that create breakthrough value for our clients. Our transformation services help clients to identify and focus available resources on core business areas and evolve an optimum operating model.

Service Offerings at GFPO>>

Business Re-engineering
  • Mapping As-Is Process
  • Identification of Improvement Opportunities
  • Design of Future State Process
  • Implementation of New Process
  • Control, Monitor and Continuous Improvement
Ongoing Business Support Services
  • Globalization and Shared Services Evolution (off-shore or near-shore or keep them on-shore)
  • Cost Benchmarking
  • Executive Advisory
  • Management Audits
  • Implementation of Industry Best Pratices

Accounting Consulting Services

GFPO>> Accounting Consulting Services offers advice on critical accounting issues arising from changes in accounting standards, regulatory requirements, new business activities and business acquisitions. We assist and advise our clients on implementation of IFRS, implication of financial and accounting changes by IFRS adoption, provide guidance and potential solutions to optimally implement those changes. Our accounting acumen and customized solutions add true value to our clients.

GFPO>> offers expert opinion on IFRS, U.S. GAAP & Local GAAP accounting and related issues. We assist our clients in forming accounting position on various issues as per Accounting Standard and Accounting Guidance issued by IASB / FASB/ ICAI/other Accounting bodies taking into consideration best industry practices especially where no written guidance of appropriate authority is available.

Service Offerings at GFPO>>

Accounting Consulting
  • Accounting and regulatory consulting for your Local GAAP (Indian GAAP, etc.) in Complex areas
  • USGAAP & IFRS support on conclusions and application
  • Ensuring Compliance with SEC/ ICAI/ FASB/ IASB/SEBI
  • Facilitating adherence to any other regulatory accounting norms , as applicable.
Other services
  • Creation and up dation of Accounting Policies
  • Coordination with external auditors & other third parties to facilitate review and signoff of Financial Statements.
  • In-house training and learning courses customized for client requirements
  • Technical update suites on corporate governance and financial reporting
  • Accounting Changes Implementation

Internal Audit

GFPO>> offers Internal Audit Services to assist our clients by bringing a systematic approach for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. We provide service to Board and Senior Executives in mitigation and management of enterprise risks and share best practices that optimize business resources. We help our clients in identify company-wide cost improvements, offer recommendations that improve business performance and provide key insights that focus on risk.

Service Offerings at GFPO>>

  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit expertise/SME sourcing
  • Internal control testing
  • Internal audit staffing support
  • Internal audit effectiveness reviews (QARs)
  • Transformation of Internal audit Practice
  • Internal Audit Diagnostic

GFPO>> provides one time/recurring outsourcing engagements for all internal audit activities including annual planning, execution of annual plan, and reporting to management and audit committee. Under our outsourcing arrangement, the client may have a chief audit executive in place within their organization or we can perform this activity independently.